Le CPMI a récemment publié un rapport intitulé « cross border retail payments« . A l’occasion de cette publication, Benoît Cœuré (Président du CPMI), a  résumé comme suit les principaux enseignements du rapport :

Retail payments sent from one jurisdiction to another are typically seen as slower, costlier and more opaque than payments within the same jurisdiction. Although competition and innovations such as mobile or e-banking have made these payments more convenient, the bulk of clearing and settlement for cross-border payments still goes through traditional correspondent banks, which struggle to handle the higher-volume, lower-value retail payments. Safe and efficient cross-border payments are vital for growth and financial inclusion. The emergence and use of cryptocurrencies across borders signals to central bankers that our current payment systems are too expensive and slow. Action is needed to put better arrangements in place »

Lien vers le rapport du CPMI : https://www.bis.org/cpmi/publ/d173.pdf

Rapport du FSB sur le correspondent banking

Le Conseil de Stabilité Financière (FSB) a récemment publié un rapport sur le correspondent banking. Le rapport prend note de la poursuite du repli de l’activité de correspondent banking, il  souligne que c’est une source de préoccupation et annonce un plan d’action à venir :

 “The report finds that the reduction in the total number of active correspondents, as measured by the number of banks that have sent or received messages, continued in the first half of 2017 (…)  A decline in the number of correspondent banking relationships is a concern because in impacted jurisdictions it may affect the ability to send and receive international payments or drive payments underground with potential adverse impacts for trade, growth, financial inclusion, financial stability and the integrity of the financial system (…) The next progress report to the G20 on the FSB action plan to address the decline in correspondent banking relationships will be published later this month, including a description of measures by the public sector and the financial industry to facilitate correspondent banking ”.

Lien vers le rapport du FSB : http://www.fsb.org/2018/03/fsb-correspondent-banking-data-report-update/